Loaf cakes, slices, crumbles, & more Cakes from Michel's Bakery

Cakes have been a favorite baked treat of people around the world for thousands of years, and Michel’s Bakery has been baking cakes of all types for more than a century. We bake cakes of all flavors and sizes, including whole-loaf cakes, ring-shaped cakes, individually wrapped slices, and everything in between. Our experience includes pound cakes, cheesecakes, crumb and coffee cakes, angel food, sponge cakes, crème cakes, carrot cakes, and much more. With Michel’s, you get it all with our outstanding flexibility, proactive customer service, and unmatched attention to detail.

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Discover all your private-label cake possibilities

When you choose Michel’s Bakery, you’ll have endless options and combinations of sizes, shapes, types, flavors, toppings, packaging, and much more. We encourage you to explore our cake options below to learn more.

Cake Sizes & Slice Options

Our team has the experience and knowledge needed to bake delicious full-loaf cakes of all sizes plus ring cakes and individually wrapped cake slices as well.

Cake Types, Flavors, & Toppings

From light, sponge cakes to rich pound cakes and everything between, we do it all. Choose us for crème cakes, snack cakes, coffee and crumble cakes, and more. We also offer everything from plain, uniced cakes and slices to all types of delicious icings and other toppings, including nuts, sprinkles, and many others.

Cake Packaging Options

We’re pleased to provide cake packaging ranging from full clamshell and trays to individual wrapping for snack-sized loafs, single cake slices, and much more.

Custom Cake Development Options

Whether you have a unique cake recipe you’d like to scale up or want to take advantage of our expertise to create something totally new, we’re here to serve you.


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About Michel's Bakery, Inc.

Established in 1898, Michel’s Bakery is a premier private-label baking company serving customers in a broad range of key markets across the U.S. and worldwide. Based in Philadelphia, PA, we’re proud to be family owned and operated, and our dedicated team is committed to providing the highest-quality baked goods with unmatched consistency, attention to detail, and customer service.