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  Fruit, Custard, & Meringue Pies

Our pies start with Michel's tender, flaky crust. Then, they're filled high with delicious fruit or custard fillings. Thaw-and-serve and ready-to-bake pies are available in 8", 9 " or 10" sizes.

  • Traditional and Lattice Fruit Pies – In the most popular flavors. Our fruit slurry and natural juice varieties are filled high with plump, firm fruit!

  • Gourmet Pies – We take pies to new heights with our goumet line. These pies sell themselves with their high crowns and homemade appearance.

  • Meringue Pies – Fluffy meringue peaks atop creamy fillings. All the popular varieties; plus exotic flavors.

  • Custard Pies Made with a firm, yet creamy custard filling. Varieties include coconut, egg, sweet potato, Southern pecan, and pumpkin.

Let us bake a custom pie for you!

  Fruit, Custard, and Meringue Pies